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Friday, January 27, 2012

Recovery = More Free Time

Aside from a better awareness of the evolving running form and learning how important your feet really are to this whole equation for running, I would say the best thing to come out of this week of recovery would be the fact that my house is completely spotless before the weekend! I normally clean the entire house on Saturdays but because I had nothing else to do but hobble around and lay up with ice resting on my foot, I've been able to get some chores done when I just got tired of sitting.

So YAAAAY for productivity! I am going to miss my long run this weekend. But I'm back to running by next Tuesday. I'm going to the running store as early as possible to get fitted and back on the treadmill to knock out 5 miles. Can't wait!

I still have mixed feelings about this break. Since really accepting it, I haven't wanted to really talk about running. It just makes me sad all over again. Oh well...could be worse.

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