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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back to Work!

So I got back to the training yesterday! After work, I went by my LRS and spent a good while trying on shoes. First, we redid my gait analysis and holy cow how things have changed. I now need neutral running shoes instead of full stability and yes, as presumed, I am a forefoot striker and no longer a heel striker.

Ok, ok, ok...let's get to the more interesting part. I tried on the Nike Vomero 6, Mizuno Wave Rider, Saucony Triumph 9, Asics Nimbus 13, and the Brooks Ghost 4. After trying each pair out with my Berry Superfeet and without and with the custom orthodic that the store made me right there on the spot, I had a hard decision to make. I settled on the Asics Nimbus 13 because...well, I hated them the least.

I went home and tried them out for a 5-miler and they were okay. Lightweight, pretty responsive on the forefoot landing, and comfortable but I wasn't completely in love with 'em. I slept on it, even posted my findings on Dailymile...but didn't feel 100% about the shoe. I did a little research this morning and grabbed my things at lunchtime and went to the LRS near my office.

After agonizing over MORE choices, I narrowed down today's search to the Brooks Glycerin 8 and the Saucony Triumph 8. I know they are the older versions of these shoes and after discussing it with a runner buddy who gives great shoe reviews, I learned that the latest version of each of these shoes offers a lower drop (from 11~12mm to 8mm) but I'm out to tackle ONE problem at a time here.

So for the price of what I paid for the Asics Nimbus 13 AND those custom orthodics, I walked out with TWO pairs of shoes.


Even though my day job is being a smart and saavy businesswoman, I'm an engineer by trade... and it shows from time to time. So with such an overwhelming problem of finding out which of these 3 shoes will work best between my 2 insoles, I could only break it down like an engineer should...

...with testing and data.

I devised a testing strategy and took notes on my findings... yep, I'm a nerd. :)

Let's face it...sometimes that little 20 second jog between the clothing racks in a running shop just doesn't cut it. I had to put the shoes and the insoles to the test...even if only for 1 mile each. I had to complete a 5-miler anyway so I figured "why not?"

At the end of all of this, I concluded that the Saucony Triumph 8 (for shorter runs < 13 miles) and the Glycerin 8 (for longer runs 13 miles < ) work the best with my Superfeet. According to allll of the shoe reviews, videos, and conversations I've had, they shouldn't be the best shoe for me, but honestly, they just feel right.

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