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Monday, February 20, 2012

Officially registered!

I registered for YMCA membership and swimming classes today! I originally planned to register for the classes only BUT the minor task of online registration proved too difficult for me to understand. So after frantically calling the YMCA about a dozen times in the last 3 days to try to get some answers about registering online, I decided to just pay the local Y a visit to register in person.

I went to drop off my registration form and the lovely people at the membership services desk did a fine job at selling me on a full membership. I DO plan to take the follow on swim instruction classes once I master the art of flutter kicking and floating so why not sign up for the whole shabang?! And apparently Isajeep wants to go I figured it was a good idea to get a family membership.

So it's officially official! March 3rd is the day that I enter the pool a mere mortal and exit one step closer to becoming a mermaid! :) Or a tridoll...whichever comes first.

I also took the time to finally register for the Frederick Half Marathon and the Baltimore Half Marathon (more appropriately known as the "Maryland Double").

I will get a really nice 3rd medal once all of the running is said and done to commemorate my noble challenge.


(Please excuse all of the "mortal" and "noble" speak. I just finished watching an episode of Spartacus and after seeing all of the politicians conspiring at one of their freaky parties, I guess I picked up some of the lingo along the way)

So it's settled.... the race calendar is about 85% complete. The only goal left to fulfill in 2012 is to register AND RUN a full marathon... I'm still sad about the RnR DC Full Marathon but I must move on.

My foot is feeling better...well, there's still some pain when I've done a significant amount of walking in a day, BUT I don't wince in pain as much as I used to upon pressing on the metatarsals. I guess that's a good sign. Two weeks down...four more to go.

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