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Thursday, February 9, 2012

OMG! Running broke up with me! :(

Or at least that's how it feels...

Yesterday, I went to the doctor... I went PREPARED! I had my running shoes, socks, and my training plan. I went into that room as confident as ever thinking EYE knew what the problem was and the doctor was just there to agree. The doctor came in, watched me walk, asked some questions, and then...touched my foot in all the wrong places. I tried to keep a strong and stern face, but he kept touching this one spot that made me wanna cry out in agony. Then he said the word I didn't want to hear, "....blah blah blah XXXXX-RAAAAAAY..." :(

I was so panicked that I sent out a tweet...or an SOS of sorts... some of the @ -replies read...

@PhroYo No. I don't like the sound of this. Run. Run away now.....

@PhroYo no. No, nooooooooo!!!! Tell them its #mearlyafleshwound

My twitter friends must have known that an X-Ray request is ALL bad... I tried not to panic any more and told my little bones to get their act together and smile and look pretty for the picture, damnit! The doctor came back in and asked again, "so...when is that marathon again?" Me: March 17th...

Him: Ok, let's look at the X-rays...

...blah blah blah... callus... fuzzy...around the bone... wonk wonk wonk...YOU WON'T BE RUNNING IN THE need to recover for SIIIIX WEEEEEKS" *cue thunder*

...and then I cried...for 3 hours....straight... like couldn't breathe, couldn't talk cry... it was bad.

It hurts. I put in SO much work... I was SO close... I kept thinking positive. I did everything I was supposed to do and injury still found its way into my life. I didn't know something as mundane as running could really become apart of you until now. You know how much something means to you when it goes away. Damn.

I'm trying to wrap my head around the next steps. I escaped the boot so I don't have to wear one of those, thankfully. I even thought about going to another physician to see if there was a way to tape my foot to get me through the race but everywhere I look, actual runners are saying "I did it and it was stupid. Don't do it." So I guess that's out.

I have so many worries... Will I lose my fitness even if I bike, and take up swimming? If I go back to weight training, will I gain too much muscle mass to carry when I'm ready to start running again? I have a 10-miler on April 2nd. Will I be ready? How much biking should I do? 50 miles per week? 60?

I'm so lost... it's like someone breaking up with you and now you have to learn how to date again. I guess it's time to clean myself up and court another sport or two :(

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  1. No running didn't break up with you, just had to go on a quick deployment, but will be back before you know it. Gotta keep positive and please don't forget out your runner friends out here in the wasteland, while you are recovering :-)