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Monday, February 27, 2012

Walker on the loose! :D

Just got back from my doctor's appointment and I have great news. I had a 3-week follow up appointment with my sports medicine doctor today and he said I'm healing AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!!!! GO ME!

I have no pain and everything on my x-rays looked good. I felt brave enough to ask him for this thoughts on me walking the Rock and Roll DC half marathon since I can't run the full marathon or run the half and he said that was alright with him. He suggested that I start walking a couple 4-milers in about a week then walk a 10-miler the week before the race to a) see how it feels and b) really decide if I can mentally withstand walking for 13 miles.

If I can run and play the air guitar on a 17 miler in 20 degree weather, I highly doubt I will have a problem maintaining a 15:00 min/mi pace for 3 hrs. Apparently he doesn't know how many times I thought "this wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to run it" while on a long run. lol

So yes folks, this is all good news. I can get back to running and training in 4 weeks and that's okay with me. I already know I can cancel out any idea of meeting a time goal for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler and that's okay. I feel much better going into all of my future races with so much more awareness.

I now know why they say only 1% of the population finishes a marathon. I used to think the other 99% were just lazy but no...sometimes some people just don't make it to the start line due to life, injury, or other reasons. This injury has opened my eyes. I had tunnel vision before. I thought that if you wanted to accomplish a running goal, all you had to do was run. That's true for some but it's not the formula for all. I have the will of Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher but I most certainly don't have the physical make up of either one of these marathon greats and that's okay.

I will make it to a marathon, but I have to train in a way that works for me. Deep deep down inside, I knew that running 4 times/wk was a lot for me but I ignored it and kept going. For my next training cycle, I will take a more balanced approach, using aqua jogging, swimming, and biking with hill intervals to help me train for my marathon. It's what I have to do to make it to the start line. Honestly, that's my only goal this year. Sure, I'll show up and do my best with the races I'm already registered for, but it's the full marathon I'm still focused on. But I can go forward with a renewed focus and some wisdom to rely on.


  1. I feel the same way. I think my body just isn't like other people's. That's ok. But, I cannot push mine the same as others can. At least not on the run. I also think I pushed myself too much as I neared my marathon. My body just broke down. Literally. So, yes, I too, will try to focus on other things and maybe cut back on one run a week during my marathon training. We WILL do this!

    1. Andrea, I totally agree. I have the endurance in me. I'm not fast. I'm average and I'm ok with that. I don't need to run a lot. I just need to run far. And you're right! WE WILL DO THIS!!!