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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Went from being trigger happy to gun shy

I used to be that person poised at the keyboard, credit card in hand, registering for whatever race announcement popped up in my email inbox. The only criteria was an empty box on the calendar. If I was free, I was in and running a race. That's it!

But since the injury, my mental confidence is a little shaken. I see races that I would've signed up for without question but now all I can think is "well, would I even finish?" "what about the injury? I probably won't be in great shape to even finish with a decent time... I'll probably end up dragging myself across the finish line for all of the other races I'm already signed up for."

I don't know how to shake myself from this thinking. It's hard to believe in yourself when you can't do something to prove it to yourself like go outside and just run 8 miles on a Tuesday afternoon. I definitely feel much stronger than before through biking and weight training but will the endurance be the same when I lace up again?

I don't feel comfortable signing up for races that leave me with so little certainty of how I will perform. But then again, I was 100% certain that I was running in the marathon and we see how that worked out. I guess you can't really be certain of anything when it comes to running. All I can do is try.

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