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Friday, February 17, 2012

YAY! I got my swimming gear!!! :D

As mentioned before, I am searching for some healthy distractions from my injury and the fact that I'm not running. So in a neurotic panic of anxiety frenzy of excitement I ordered some swimming gear from Swim Outlet as recommended by my "tridoll" friends on the twittah.

My goodies have arrived, ya'll! :D

And like any obsessed athlete, I tried on EVERYTHING immediately.

Which way to the pool??!?

Well, there was always a lingering question of whether my swimsuit would actually fit correctly. In the midst of my panicked neurotic spells, I tend to believe I need whatever my poor anxious mind is obsessing over at that very moment and not a second too late. So after discussing body types with some of my "triathlete/swimming" buddies and giving the girl on the other end of the phone at the Swim Outlet WAY too much information about my 'girls' and my hips than I think she ever cared to know, I ended up settling on a size 36 in the Speedo Solid Endurance Super Proback swimsuit. Thankfully it fit perfectly.

Registration for swim lessons at the local YMCA opens up to non-members next week. OMGcantWAIT!

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