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Friday, March 16, 2012

Finally got my ish together...literally.

Today, I went to the DC Armory for the Rock n' Roll USA packet pick up. Isajeep went with me and we practiced our morning route. There's a crap load of maintenance taking place on the DC Metro this weekend causing delays and inconsistent train arrivals so instead of getting into DC the way I've always done it through the green line, I had to practice going to a different station that actually puts us closer to the start line.

Check out that running form! Some time off did me good!

We were in and out in a flash! I didn't have time to walk around and take pictures since Isajeep and I had to get back to Baltimore so Isajeep could get to work. I went home like a good little lass and did what most people do before a race...

Listened to records and burned incense.

Can't you tell I'm focused on this race? No? Well, you're right. It's been so long since I've been focused on running and given the current state of morale is still kind of in the crapper. It wavers... some days are better than others but today I just don't feel like a runner. I was at the expo and snagged a fortune cookie from the P.F. Changs table and although I didn't have the winning fortune (I forget what you were supposed to win... lettuce wraps or $1,000...big disparity right? Well you see how I compare food to other things. lol OMG I'm digressing like nobody's business. Back to the topic)...

BUT I did get this little gem

And I just HAD to make sure they weren't all running related fortunes. THEY WEREN'T! Isajeep's said something about having a winning personality or something... so this little fortune should mean something right? RIGHT? I don't know what... but I'm saving it.

So I finally got up and got my things together for tomorrow but not before carbo-loading with some beans and rice and yummy calcium vitamins to wash it all down. (-.-)

Yes, everything has gone down hill...even the quality of my carbo-bliss selection. I used to spend time preparing delicious pasta meals every Friday... but my efforts have been reduced to this.

I also figured out that D-tag situation. I never had to use one of those before and focused as hard as possible on getting it on correctly as to not look like a total newb. I'm so used to races using the built in bib tag or just giving us the timing chip (the card lookin thingy). Definitely effed that up the first time I used that thing. Totally ignored the little plastic fasteners and laced the timing chip directly to my sneakers. I didn't just tie my laces around the holes. I actually unlaced my sneakers and tied the thing into my shoe. Talk about an embarrassing moment when I crossed the finish line and realized I had to actually give that thing back. lol

Anywho, here's the 'fit for tomorrow.

Here's hoping I wake up with a positive attitude and with the mental focus to finish with some pride!

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  1. You're going to do great KJ! Have fun and enjoy the journey; you've got the right outfit picked out, what else do you need to worry about! ;P I can't wait to hear about the race and the experience!