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Friday, March 2, 2012

Home repairs

If it wasn't for my bachelor's degree in civil engineering, I'm sure the thought of coordinating a home repair and actually saving money to pay for it would be too overwhelming. Pretty sure I would be a renter for my entire life if I was, let's say...a journalist. Thankfully, I did spend about 6 years of my life building structures and buildings and dealing with multimillion dollar budgets so I tend to be immune to sticker shock when it comes to pricing a home repair.

It's tax season and thankfully I did get a tax refund. Unfortunately a good chunk of it is going toward an unexpected repair - the concrete steps and porch. Well let's back this up...we kinda knew that we would have to get the steps repaired or replaced at some point through the summer but little did we know that the crumbling elevating aid turned death trap would need immediate attention before spring.

My front porch showing its age

Gotta love adulthood.

I could've put it off even longer but I didn't want to look like the old crazy lady who lives in the house that's falling apart. And the lingering thought of someone falling on my property and suing me was beginning to keep me up at night. So I guess for the peace of mind, it's worth it to get the porch and steps taken care of.

Goodbye safety hazard!!

Yes, I know I could do it myself. One of the fun activities I got to do in school while studying to be an engineer was stop everything in the middle of Thanksgiving break to drive an hour and a half back to campus to tend to my concrete cylinder that wasn't curing correctly in the lab. (-.-)

So yes I know how to mix and set concrete and witnessed the building and setting of forms and the like a million times over on a construction site. BUT just because I KNOW how to do it doesn't mean I WANT to do it. That's what those lovely people called 'licensed contractors' are for. :)

Hellooooo fresh concrete!

Contractors get a bad wrap. Many homeowners don't trust them and assume that whatever the repair is couldn't POSSIBLY cost that much. Well in some cases, you're right. Some (a very small percentage) contractors do inflate their prices but there are a good number that just want to do some honest work for honest pay. Definitely look for the contractors with good BBB ratings and with good testimonials. Those are usually the best ones to hire.

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