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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Race Registration Hoarder

I did it. I registered for the Marine Corps Marathon.

October 28, 2012! Can you feel the honor and excitement??

And yes, I'm still registered for the ING NYC Marathon lottery.

November 4, 2012! "Concrete jungle where dreams are made of..." (Thank you Alicia)

And yes, they are ONE WEEK APART. "Why did you do this", you ask? Well, I'm obsessive compulsive. I don't want to be left out of the most amazing races ever! I know there are others, but when you live in the northeastern sector of the country and you're a runner, these races are on the top 10 must-run list. I really really hope I can run in the New York City marathon, but if things don't work out with the lottery like if I don't get in, I wanted something to fall back on. So I guess you could say the MCM is my "rebound race." Also, when I talked to my best friend about her experience with signing up with a charity, the whole recap sounded a little...iffy. Well, it sounds like it was pretty straight forward for her back in 2009 but after reading how the NYC Marathon has become so huge that the New York Road Runners had to drastically change the parameters for entry, I wouldn't be surprised if this puts major stress on the charities to select people for entry.

Also, I've never raised money for a race before and I really don't want to worry about raising an amount that might seem like a taller order than I could fill from down here in Maryland and in THIS economy. If I'm going to raise money for a cause, I want to do it in a relaxed fashion. I want to do it because it's what I want to do, not just to get into a race. I think that if the challenge is too great for me, I might end up putting more emphasis on getting the money for the race instead of raising money for the cause. I don't want to lose focus on what's important.

And thirdly, why not run a great race in your own backyard? I can save $1,500 (yes that's how much I'm saving for my accommodations in New York) and have a great experience.

So we'll see what's written in the stars for me come April. Either way, the bases are covered. I'm hoarding marathon registrations... and I won't feel bad about it. Okay, I feel a little bad about it. But hey! If NYC works out, I'm sure there will be some lucky person out there who will inherit my bib through the FORMAL bib exchange process. I don't do that illegal stuff.

Here's hoping everything works out the way it's supposed to.

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