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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Running while traveling

I started the habit of working out while traveling a long time ago. When I was 25, my parents took me on my first cruise (it was awesome!). I wasn't a runner back then (gosh, I'm making myself sound old. It was only 5 years ago haha!), but I worked out about 4-6 days/week. And from all that I heard about people gaining weight in 7-10 days that they are on the cruise ship, well that scared me. I wasn't a weight maniac or anything, but I didn't like the thought of coming home with an altered physique because of one week of gluttony and laziness. So I brought along my workout clothes and hit the gym.

After seeing that it wasn't so bad...and actually quite enjoyable, I made it a habit to always bring workout gear when I traveled. It's kind of nice having a change of scenery and sometimes trying something new (like a new machine). I really got into running while traveling when I went for a run in Brooklyn on New Year's Day after spending New Year's Eve in New York City on January 1, 2010. It was amazing!! It gave me the opportunity to see a city that I was so familiar with (my best friend lives there and I used to visit literally every month for like a full year) in a different way!

I noticed details on the brownstones that I didn't notice before, details about the differing textures on the sidewalks as they varied from concrete to brick, the park, the trees, and I even got a chance to run in some fresh snow! I look forward to running in different cities. So last week and this week I've been on travel for work. Last week, I was in San Diego and DEFINITELY took the opportunity to go for a run in the perfect weather that they have out there.

I stayed near the San Diego marina and fortunately, there was an awesome running path right alongside the harbor. GORGEOUS views... I wanted to run FOREVER!!! But of course, I'm still coming back from injury so it's all about quality runs...not quantity.

This week, I'm staying in Miami, FL. No, I'm not near the beach. I know right? Sucks. But I make the most of my surroundings and decided to run...on the hotel treadmill. I've stayed in this area before and there's nothing to really see outdoors. And the temps are in the 80s. I don't feel like dying in a city so far from home. I just needed to get in a quality long-ish run before the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, and that I did. I ran a sweaty 7 miles on the treadmill and definitely felt like I got in a great workout.

Training shouldn't stop when you leave your zip code and going for a run in a new area, especially a different city is like an added bonus for us fitness freaks. It's a freebie! So go! Enjoy and explore! And see what's around you...


  1. No better way to "see" a city then to run in it....


    1. Brian I agree wholeheartedly! I look forward to it every time!

  2. I love running while traveling! Last summer, we went to Paris and Rome. It was so fun to experience the cities while running. Another one of my favorite vacation places to run is Hawaii. The scenery was out of this world. I tried to keep up with running while on a cruise in college. I ran around that stupid track on one of the decks like a million times. I wasn't a fan of running on the treadmill because it faced a window to the ocean. It was gorgeous but seeing the motion made me feel unbalanced, lol.

    1. Kristen, I remember reading all about your travels. I was actually waiting anxiously for you to return and blog about it. I felt like I was there with you! :) It's definitely on my list of things I must do!!!

  3. I do agree. I also take my gear whenever I travel. I love it.