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Saturday, March 10, 2012

So far to go...

My swim lessons are progressing and I'm still finding the time to bike. I'm also speed walking now...but honestly, if I ever want to take my endurance training to the next level, I have a long road ahead of me.

I'm a little discouraged right now. Why do I feel the need to set these goals for myself? I look around at other people and wonder why I can't be "normal" or "average" and be okay with exercising 2 times a week. I LOVE FITNESS!!! But at the level that I want to compete at, I need to practice strengthening and conditioning other muscle groups that I never had to really use before.

Putting together all of the moving parts for swimming is hard. I just want to do it...but I overthink it...then I get all stressed out about it...then I start screwing up. It's so frustrating. And biking can be tough too. I love it, but it feels like the bike is laughing at my quads and saying "you call THAT 'strong'? pfft!"

I miss's my strong sport and it's something I know... I know I can do it well and I want to get back to it. When I have a tough day in the pool or a hard ride, I just want to lace up and go on a nice comfortable run.

Running is my strong sport!!!

With anything that's new, I just feel out of place. It's hard not to let those silly thoughts of self doubt creep in... I just started with all of these other sports. I guess I have to remember that I didn't just start out running 18-milers. It was an admirable feat if I ran 9 miles in one week only a couple of years ago. I have my work cut out for me, that's true. And if I really want to meet every goal, I have to work.

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