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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Treadmill Reunion

Last night, my treadmill and I reunited. I swear I heard violins playing as I laced up my Sauconys. It was a beautiful thing. I only "wogged" 4 miles and that took me about an hour. Since there's a cut off time for the half marathon, I think I should go in with some sort of strategy so I'm "training" to walk a 15:00 min/mi. It felt so great to stretch my legs like that. I still can't wait to run but for now, I'll take walking.

Gonna hit the pool tonight... here's hoping things go well. I'm going to practice my kicking and my breathing. I want to find a breathing technique that doesn't confuse my brain... something closer to the way I breathe when I run. Once I get that down, I think everything else will fall into place. But what do I know...

In other news, I was looking at registering for my first triathlon yesterday. It's an olympic distance tri that's really close to my house and it's not until October! That's a plus because I will have more than enough time to train. Swim distance is 0.9 miles, bike distance is about 32 miles and the run distance is 6.5 miles. I feel pretty confident about the bike and DEFINITELY the run. It's the swimming that makes me a little nervous. The race would be one week before the Baltimore Half Marathon and probably a good way to cross train for the NYC Marathon (keeping hope alive that I get in!).

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