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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Unconfined Enthusiasm!

Today was the first day of my 7-week swim lessons...

...and I LOVE IT!!!!!

Inside, I felt like this

but on the outside I looked like this

Can you tell I was excited?

But at first, I was somewhat nervous. The class started out with about 11 or 12 folks, but the two instructors started off by asking for a show of hands for those of us who felt like we were pretty good swimmers but needed a little help with technique. About 5 people raised their hands and they were sent away with one of the instructors to the other side of the pool. He asked for a show of hands of who was petrified of the water and couldn't swim. I didn't want to be too proud and end up embarrassing myself so I raised my hand with the caveat that I wasn't petrified of the water. I mean, I was already in it so that wasn't the case. I just wanted to start from the beginning.

About 6 of us stuck around with the other instructor. We started off with some breathing exercises and getting comfortable with going under water, then we moved on to kicking, floating, then full on freestyle strokes. I was so excited, anxious, and nervous all at the same time. My brain was on overload with trying to get all of the coordination down. I haven't realized until now how uncoordinated I am. Swimming is the ultimate 'pat your head - rub your belly' test. Woo!

And it sucks even more that my lungs are all about breathing the same way I do when I run. It's all good until I'm ready to take in air at the same time I'm supposed to turn my head back down into the water. It was a mess. I did realize what I needed to work on. I need to work on relaxing. I'm far too excited to be doing something that feels like a GREAT ENDURANCE WORKOUT. I also need to work on turning my head. This is a must. I keep raising my head out of the water and it messes me all up. I also need to get comfortable with letting water run out of my mouth instead of swallowing it. That's key. My instructor said that I had a really beautiful strong freestyle form when I was actually doing it right. But that beautiful form only lasted for about 2 strokes.

So I will definitely head to the pool during the week to get some practice in. I have my work cut out for me! But like running and anything else, it will take time to work my way up to tri doll status.

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