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Monday, April 9, 2012

Back on the Road

I'm back on the long run journey after injury. Yesterday, I went out for an 11 mile run around the airport and let me tell ya' it was NOT easy. I still have the miles on my legs from marathon training and I definitely proved it to myself by completing the Rock 'n' Roll DC Half and the Cherry Blossom 10-miler. But the mental focus was gone! I had my new phone with me and I found myself stopping to fidget with it a little more than I needed to.

I also had a moment at mile 4 where I looked down at my Garmin and thought "Really!? I only covered 4 miles?!" Who have I become? What happened to the fearless and slightly certifiable young lady who ran EIGHTEEN MILES on the treadmill? ON THE TREADMILL!!

I went into this run thinking, "It's only 11 miles... I ran 10 just last week." I was physically prepared, for sure... but the mental preparation was lacking. My body is back in the game...I guess I have to get my head back in the game too.


  1. new reader here......that mental connection is so crucial, as your brain will tell you to quit LONG before your body will give up.

    I've had many times when I've similarly looked at my Garmin in disbelief....those days when the miles are just too far apart!

    Here's to keeping at it and having those days when you look at your Garmin in disbelief and amazement at just how far/fast you've run!

    1. Thanks Bill! And welcome! You are right! It's all about maintaining that focus and getting stronger so that the run just feels a little easier each time. Thanks again!