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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Giddy with thoughts of grandeur

Is it just me or do you feel like this when you register for a race or when you consider taking on a new challenge, a new sport, a new distance?

It's like a rush of giddiness and excitement! Then once you hit that "submit" button or finish mapping out that training plan, you are overcome with "WHAT DID I JUST DO?!?"

It's not really remorse or anything. It's more like knowing you just reached the top of a hill...the hill being a previous challenge. And out of boredom, or fear of being complacent, you seek a NEW goal, a NEW challenge... then after you zone in on it, you sign up and then look at the NEW hill that lies ahead.

Are we overachievers? Gluttons for punishment? What is it?

I arrived at this post because in a previous post, I mentioned my desire to compete in a triathlon. For some reason, we don't have a lot of sprint triathlons here in Maryland. Most of them are in the spring and there are none in the fall. I did a little bit of searching around and chose an olympic distance triathlon to tentatively work towards. I'm not a strong swimmer and figured if I could arrive at the point where there is some potential for me to master at least one swimming technique, then I would go forward with registering for it.

I shared this with my Dailymile friends and one of my more experienced buddies mentioned that a sprint triathlon would serve me much better. This stuck with me and for once, I turned off my taurian stubbornness and heeded to her advice. I knew that if I chose to compete in a sprint triathlon, I would have to look elsewhere. I started my search and happened upon the Atlantic City International Triathlon.

I read some great reviews about the race and did some research on the course. It's a fun course with a quick and calm 1/4 mile swim, a flat and fast 10 mile bike ride, and a nice flat 3.1 mile run along the boardwalk. The race is on September 15, 2012...the day before the Rock 'n' Roll Philly Half Marathon.

Where most people see a conflict, I see an opportunity for an epic solution. Not to mention I'm a planner who sometimes uses her skills for evil. So once I saw this, my brain started working, and I did a little research...

...and found a way to do both. Now, I just need a bike...a minor technicality.

The rush I get from all of this planning and prepping for the next big challenge is indescribable.

I've been this way my entire life though... from getting in the engineering program at my undergraduate university, to grad school, to getting into prestigious organizations, to getting that promotion, ...I'm a freak when it comes to challenges and a fein for that rush.

Do you get super excited when it comes to new challenges or just nervous? Do you seek new challenges or stick with your comfort zone?


  1. Fewer races in Maryland due to water sources. There are plenty in the fall, you just have to know where to look. has a Maryland Tri Series, they have races in Maryland into October. A couple out on the Eastern Shore, calm swims. That will definitely be a tough double, but it's doable!

    1. Thanks for posting that link! I swear, it seems like there are so many scattered sources for information. I've been using trifind. I'll check it out!