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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I can swim & I'm no longer bike-ignorant!

I guess swim lessons DO work. I am a swimmer. The last swim class took place on April 14th and I swam 900 meters. I actually completed consecutive laps. I worked on my arm form and practiced my was awesome!

Last week, I also went bike shopping. I immersed myself in bike knowledge..learned about components, gears, chains, tires, frame materials, etc. Walked away feeling excited and overwhelmed. I narrowed it down to these two babies:

Jamis Ventura Comp
and the

Trek Lexa SL
But as time went on, I began to consider the option of simply renting one or the other until I know I'm sure that I'm buying the right one. There's really no rush! So there you have it... making progress with the swimming aaaand learning a thing or two about bikes. Running is still my #1 love. I have a couple of races coming up in the next two weeks. If I pull this off, I will be eligible for Half Fanatic membership. Keeping my *fingers crossed* that I make it to the start line and cross the finish line in one piece!

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