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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Intermediate? We'll see about that

Today was my first day in the Teen/Adult II (intermediate) swim class at the YMCA. I wasn't sure if I was ready for it, so got into the water and chatted with my Teen/Adult I swim class instructor first...I felt so comfortable chatting with him that I almost missed out on finding out who my NEW instructor was. When I separated from my comfort zone and went over to the far end of the pool with my new instructor, I felt a little apprehension but still relaxed.

She is amazing!!! There is only one other person in my class which is always a good thing. It just means that the instructor can give us more feedback because there are less people to watch. I honestly think a lot of people sign up for the Teen/Adult II class with a fear that they will be in the class with a bunch of kids. But when they see that the classes are FULL of adults, they lose the pride and stay with the beginner class. There were a dozen people in my old instructor's class and my instructor looked confused because there were only two of us. Oh well...

It was awesome. I still have a lot to learn but I'm definitely no longer a beginner. My instructor mentioned that she trains triathletes as well *LOVE*!

Now I need to relax my body and get ready for tomorrow's half marathon! I'm running in the Iron Girl Half Marathon. See?!

Yes... they are making us wear this wrist band. I think everyone in the packet pick up line had the same reaction as the volunteer grabbed your wrist and began explaining that you had to wear this wrist band until Sunday. The reaction went like this " Wait... 0_0... huh? But... So....I have to wear this until SUNDAY!? But... *insert nervous laugh*... okay." 

I have to attend a birthday party thing tonight. Good thing my friend's party calls for girls to wear "bright and beautiful" colors. I guess I will fit right in - very half marathon chic if you ask me. 

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