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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stuck Between Two Half Marathons: Train or Rest?

I gave it some thought before I arrived in this week of training limbo.  I insisted I would take it really easy, but not too easy. I considered running hard then swimming for recovery. I mean, it is something to think about - how do you train between two half marathons?

Technically, I'm not out of the danger zone yet with this metatarsal stress fracture injury. I shouldn't be able to run the way I've been running but I guess my cross training, balance within my running workouts, and daily intake of calcium and vitamin D have allowed me to do so. I PR'd and did a phenomenal job at the Iron Girl Half Marathon and I wonder what will happen on Sunday.

I don't have any goals but the strategy is to run comfortably and finish and I want to go in with fresh legs. I know that most people would run 6 to 9 miles this week but I think that is still too much for me between two races of such distance. So far this week, I've walked a few times (with the dog), got in 500 yds at the pool to loosen up my muscles, and got in a pretty intense spin session. I plan to run 2 to 3 miles to simply shake out my legs sometime tomorrow and I'm hoping to meet up with my high school buddy to get in a nice walk.

She and I have been meeting every week to walk, run, talk, socialize... It's been quite nice to have someone to run easy with every now and again. Looking forward to finishing strong at Frederick and coming home with not only one medal but TWO as a part of the Titanium Girl challenge. I may or may not join my wonderful pace leaders who led me through the finish line at the Rock 'n' Roll DC Half Marathon but at least I know I will be among friends.

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