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Monday, June 25, 2012

Doors closed, doors open...

Closed the door on the Spring racing season yesterday by running in the Baltimore Women's Classic 5k. It's the second oldest and the largest all women's race in the Mid-Atlantic Region. It's so amazing and empowering to be among so many women! I love this race and will always make time for it in the future.

The Black Girls Run! Baltimore group that I sometimes run with was competing to have the most people in a group participating in the race. I not only registered on their team, but I finally ordered one of the awesome singlets from their brand new shiny website.

I had to get a little girly with the outfit for the sake of the all-women's GIRL POWER theme by throwing in a running skirt. :)

I arrived and gave good morning greetings to all of the ladies coming to the table. There had to be a million of us wandering around, checking out the vendors. It's such an awesome set up. So many local running stores, healthy living vendors, and women's health services come out for this event...the energy is somethin' else!

The race followed the same course as last year with two moderate hills and lots of crowd support. I love seeing the kids cheer on "Mom" with Dad by their side cheering on everyone! So much cuteness!  It's always so humbling, inspiring, and motivating to see Ms. Ernestine Shepherd running with everyone.

74 years young!!
Her story is awesome... always great to see her winning in her age group every year. And yes, we DID win the largest group award!!! With 240 women crossing the finish line, it was something else!

Crazy, right?  Everyone did great! Couldn't be more excited for and proud of so many women running toward a healthy lifestyle!

So that's the end of Spring 2012. But before ending the day, I got the chance to take a photo with my triathlon training partner. We're all signed up and ready to work on our training this summer for the AC Tri.

Hopefully, the next time you see us in a pic together after a race, we will be able to claim the designation of TRIATHLETE!

Time to go to work!


  1. I saw Ernastine's story a few months ago and she is so amazing! She is such an inspiration. I can only hope to be still training like that when I am in my 70s!

    Good luck on tri training! I cannot bring myself to do one because I am terrified to bike in the crazy Boston traffic, and I am a terrible swimmer!

    1. lol I'm not a pro at biking or swimming but my mantra is "don't die. don't break anything. don't die. don't break anything." If I accomplish that at least, I will feel like a champion :)

  2. I hope I look like that when I'm 70! Amazing woman!

    1. She really is and she's gorgeous! People look at her and say "I want whatever she's drinkin" lol