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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Early Mornings on the Trail

This morning, me and my tri training friend hit the trail for a 6:30 a.m. bike ride!! Yep, six...thirty.

I am not a morning person...

But things got better once I got on my bike. This was her first ride on her new bike and she wanted to get a feel for riding it so we met up early enough so that we could get in a good ride and I could make it to church.

We rode about 18 miles and really enjoyed ourselves!!

We even saw some ferocious wildlife!!


This little guy was making his way across the trail for a morning stroll and we thought we'd stop to say hello.

I definitely "crashed" for my first time. It was kind of avoidable, but whatevs...things happen when you're learning. And I learned not to put my hand out to catch myself. OUCH!

Afterward, tri training buddy wanted to see what it felt like to run after a ride. 

Look at her go!
So once we made it back to the parking lot, she hopped off the bike and ran about a hundred yards. Mini-BRICK for breakfast anyone?

So I have something else I want to talk about. There's no denying it nor is there a way to ignore it. I'm a Black woman who loves sports!  When I started running, I didn't really care if I was the only Black woman in the crowd at a race or the only Black woman outside running in 95 degree temps or 20 degree temps. The love for fitness is colorblind.  Sometimes I run with Black Girls Run! whose founders started the running club for its namesake - to tell the world that Black girls actually do run! 

Thanks to great articles and events featuring the ladies of BGR!, the running world is more aware of our presence on the pavement. But, this morning Tri Training Friend and I experienced THE FUNNIEST reactions to two Black women on bikes - BEFORE 8 a.m. and in 80+ degree temps (it was really hot this morning). There were other cyclists on the path and that was great! But when we passed by two Black men on bikes, it was like they were looking at a mirage. At first the two guys looked at each other with a "Do you see the same thing I see!?!?" look of confusion, then back at us and let out a hardy "GOOD MORNING LADIES!!" 

And that wasn't the only time we were greeted with excitement with a hint of shock. I had to ask myself, "is it really THAT rare for a Black man to see a Black woman on a bike?" I guess I was entertained by this social dynamic. 

I don't feel angry or uncomfortable or anything. I love the fact that I am showing some small percentage of people that there are some of us who are fighting back against stereotypes about Black women and fitness and the sad health statistics of so many unhealthy people in the Black community. And perhaps, if one Black woman sees me on a bike, perhaps she will consider trying it out for herself and bringing along a friend. This is how a healthy lifecycle Black woman swimming/biking/running at a time :)

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