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Monday, July 9, 2012


So I guess I'm a triathlete now. I feel like one... but I guess I don't claim it because I haven't completed a race yet. Kinda like someone who just runs 13 miles for fun but never completed a half marathon? You just don't go around saying "I'm a half marathoner" when you've never competed in a race... but maybe these rules are different with triathlon.

But that's beside the point...the MAJOR accomplishment that we want to discuss here is the fact that I completed my FIRST ever open water swim, bike, and run workout yesterday.

IT. WAS. AWESOME! The day started early at the beach where we all met up. The more experienced triathletes headed out into the water for their workout. The newbies like myself met up with one of the workout coordinators to learn the basics of your transition kit, what to pack, how to pack it, what's allowed per USAT standards and what isn't. It was a GREAT tutorial. Thanks for blogs like Fitness Fatale, I've picked up a few pointers about what to pack and how to pack it but for races that are much less extensive than a Half Ironman or a Full Ironman, some of the needs were a little different. It was a great lesson.

Next we headed out into the water with the other workout coordinator who is also my mentor. She is so so great! She made the entire experience stress free and FUN! She told us what to expect, how you will feel when you get in the water but taught us ways to trick our minds into relaxing so our bodies could relax. It was a great pre-OWS talk. Then we started swimming! The tri club set up buoys for us to mark out a 250 yd stretch of water for us to practice between. I got in 500 yds and got a feel for what to expect during these workouts and even discovered what I need to work on. After the swim, I really got a better idea of what my pool workouts should include and that's a big help!

After that, we transitioned to the bike and this is where I made up my mind to take my time and focus on getting acclimated to my bike. I was given a cue sheet and I took my time going through the course, not really trying to maintain a certain speed or cadence. I just wanted to enjoy the ride and that's what I did. My mentor joined me and gave me a few pointers on how to get comfortable with reaching for my water bottle and how to balance myself on the bike while making motions with one hand. I know this seems elementary but I sincerely needed this kind of direction.

Then came my FAVORITE sport of all - the run. My training partner finished her swim and bike ride before me but waited for me to go for the run. I got my shoes on and took off for a 5k run. Surprisingly I felt great! My legs didn't feel as terrible as I expected. I ran 9 miles the day before and thought that my legs would be toast but I felt strong! I took it easy and just wanted to feel my way through the run but still pace my friend. We got in a 3.1 mile run with about a sub-11 min/mi pace which isn't bad for our first SBR workout.

I don't think I can stay through the entire workout next Saturday due to family obligations but I definitely look forward to doing it again!


  1. Congrats....have thought about giving this a go, but I really can't swim...and hate the water. Well maybe one day....


    1. Hey Brian! You should consider taking lessons if only to help you cross train between races. You never know! You just might build some confidence in your swim skills and soon you will be out there swimmin with the rest of the crazy folks :)