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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Almost tri time!

31 days and counting!!!

There are 31 days left until my triathlon and I'm getting excited. This past weekend, I ran in the Ben Moore Memorial Half Marathon as a training run for my marathon training. It was great! Hilly, perfect weather, and I met my time goal. I even picked up some more hardware.

This is medal #7 for the year so far... my rack is filling up! :)

But now it's time to regroup and focus on brick workouts and long runs. I had to travel for work two weeks prior to the half marathon so that forced me to focus on running. I know that most hotels have pools but I have this mental block against using the pool at a hotel for a workout. I simply view it as a place to relax and not to get in an intense swim. So, I focused on running my weekly mileage on the treadmill and breaking in these beauties...

Newton Motion

I need to write up a review of the shoe later on. I prefer to finish transitioning into them before I summarize the "Newton Experience." At any rate, now that the race is over and I'm back from traveling, I've been focused on getting back on my bike and back in the pool.  I've gotta be honest. I love knowing everything about anything I'm trying to accomplish and NOT knowing what to expect in this open water back bay swim is driving me CRAZY! This is the first year that the Atlantic City Triathlon will take place in the back bay so there aren't any race recaps or triathlon reviews out there on what to expect. This may seem silly or very newbie-ish (is that a word?) of me but I don't know if I will be able to touch the bottom, wade without feeling crowded, where to start swimming, how to enter the water, what the temperature will be like, if there will be easy to spot buoys in the water, etc...

It makes me nervous and excited... but I really wish I could get a feel for what to expect. I don't even know if there's a practice swim the day before. I mean, I know it's not a long distance (THANK GOD!) but I just want to visualize everything and at this point, I can't visualize the swim. I'm not worried about the bike or run. I'm a slow cyclist and that's just where I am right now but I will finish and I know what I'm capable of when it comes to running off the bike. I can pace myself so that my legs aren't completely dead at the end and I'm finding that my moderate running effort is way better than an average triathlete's full effort in the run. Grateful that running is my strong sport. Again, I'm not fast but I'm consistent.

So, here's to 31 days of training...praying that I can add 2 more medals to the rack a month from now.


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