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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Going the Distance: My First 20-Miler

A few weeks ago, I ran my FIRST EVER 20-miler. The course was through Baltimore City and it  wasn't easy! Talk about hills! I'm pretty sure all of Baltimore is on some sort of incline. I ran "with" about a few hundred people as part of a supported course run organized by one of the local running stores.

The weather was awesome and my performance was surprisingly great! The run didn't get interesting until mile 19. The wheels almost fell off when I felt some strange sensations in parts of my legs that I never felt before. I also found myself having to focus on throwing one foot in front of the other. Breathing was normal, fueling went great! I'm really grateful for the Power Bar chews provided by the running store. After mile 14, I feel like I need to consume "real" food and not Gu gel. So anything in the gummy bear family is sufficient.

Given that just7 months ago, I was dealing with injury that kept me from getting to this point, I felt proud and accomplished for making it this far in my training. I'm healthy and I feel prepared for the marathon. No, I may not finish with a sub-5 hour time but I'll finish AND I know that I will be able to get myself to a vehicle to go home all on my own. If I can do that, then I will feel like a winner. Now the day after...

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