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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hoping for a DNS for Hurricane Sandy

The Marine Corps Marathon is this upcoming Sunday and instead of anticipating a great race, being on pace, timing my fueling correctly, etc, most of us are worried about THIS! 

As someone on Facebook wrote, "Ok! Who transferred their bib to Hurricane Sandy?" Even though a lot of us are tough endurance runners who ain't afraid of getting a little wet, it's still kind of a blower knowing there's a chance that you may not run your best race after training for months. 

But for someone like me who isn't fast and really just wants to finish, this is really a matter of not wanting to be outside running in crappy weather for hours on end. Times like this, I wish I ran a little faster. But I will have the greatest support system out there with me: My Mom (Food & Recovery Officer), My Dad (Official Photographer), and My Loving Boyfriend (Clothing Officer). I've given each person a mission to help me get through this day and to involve them so they don't feel like they're just waiting around to chauffeur a cranky runner in a few hours. 

But back to the weather. As any dedicated runner should, I've painstakingly analyzed and obsessed over glanced at a few weather sources online to get a better idea of what to expect on Sunday. Accuweather and Weather Underground are both providing hourly predictions that show a 0% chance of rain during the marathon and some slightly windy conditions with lots of cloud cover. It's the Weather Channel that's giving us the blues with their 90% chance of rain and 26 mph winds. They are the more commercial of all of the sources so perhaps they're attempting to excite people and get us all worked up over nothin... either way, I can take the rain, but I'd much rather not run for 5 hours in crappy weather.

So here's hoping Hurricane Sandy DOES NOT START for the Marine Corps Marathon.


  1. I think that it is great that there are people that they are willing to run the race even if it is raining and I hope that it doesn't turn to the worse.

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