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Monday, October 8, 2012

Size Matters.

Or does it?

I'm thinking about running in the Little Rock Marathon...

for this sucker!

Property of Arkansas Runner :)

I mean, c'mon! Look at the size of that MEDAL! What a nice addition to my medal rack... I can see it now...the massiveness of all that bling just hanging there looking all wonderful. But what will it cost me? Not monetarily but time.

My boyfriend went to college in Arkansas so we're actually looking to make this destination race a mini getaway to see friends. I will get to meet his best friend and some other people who really mean a lot to him so running the race will be a very small part of the visit.

The race is in March which means that training would have to staaart...RIGHT AFTER Christmas.

Yeah. No thanks. So now I'm looking into running the Little Rock Half Marathon instead and relinquishing the desire for this massive medal. I mean, but I'm still on the fence with this decision. Even if I don't train really hard, I can finish the full marathon in the very GENEROUS window of time of 8 friggin hours. But seriously? Who wants to be outside for that long run/walk/slogging it out? So why not run the half in 2 hours and leave with a normal sized medal?

Besides, I'm running out of space on my rack anyway.

What to do??

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