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Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Year in Review!

Well, it's been two months since I last wrote something and here's why...

I've been busy...

doing nothing...

falling in love...

and getting engaged!

But let's back it up....after all, this post is entitled "My YEAR in Review!" This year I competed in A LOT of races. I pushed myself to many personal limits in endurance racing. My year started off with marathon training for the Rock n' Roll USA Marathon.

That's me in the front on the right leading the pack on a COLD 16 mile run
I suffered an injury literally two weeks after this photo was taken and I was sidelined for 6 weeks with a metatarsal stress fracture in my left foot. I got back up on my horse and ran a slow Rock n' Roll USA Half Marathon but I went out there, fresh off of recovery with no real practice runs, I ran it and finished!

Shortly after, I went all in and trained and hit my goal time for the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler in April and received what is now my favorite medal out of the lot.

Next up was the Titanium Girl Challenge! I had to run in both the Iron Girl Half Marathon and the Frederick Half Marathon 7-days apart! I knew that if I pulled this off, I could literally do anything! But just before the Iron Girl, I started taking swim lessons to help me pull through my recovery from my injury. I also took up spin. With all three disciplines under my belt, I started to consider a triathlon. But first, I had to get through this challenge...and I did along with two other strong women who went on to run the Baltimore Half Marathon AND the Marine Corps Marathon with me.

At this point in my life, my training became more than a tool to stay in shape and push myself, it became my mediator and my counselor. I was in the midst of a break up and it left me feeling sad but I never felt alone. My training and my running partners were all there with me. When I woke up to run an early run, I took my worries and thoughts out there on the pavement with me and sorted everything out. I, in fact, came out of that situation as a Titanium Girl. It was more than just a running title... it best describes my persona for the rest of 2012.

With a healthy mind, body, and spirit, I lived my best life and took on triathlon training from May through August with fervor! I joined the local tri club, learned how to swim in open water, bought a bike, and trained with an old college friend for the Atlantic City Sprint Triathlon.

I also met a wonderful guy who took an interest in my athletic lifestyle and supported me in every way possible. He ran with me once a week and accommodated my busy training schedule to spend time with me. :)

I went on to complete the Atlantic City Sprint Triathlon and the Rock n' Roll Philly Half Marathon all in the same weekend in back to back races!!

I ran in some other half marathons to help me along the path to running 26.2 because a challenge isn't a challenge without a little bit of crazy challenge powder sprinkled on top. So, not only was I training for my first triathlon, I was also training for my first full marathon since I didn't get to run in the DC full in March.

I signed up for and ran in several races and relay triathlons to help me stay outside and on the pavement. The medals really added up!!

Ben Moore Memorial Half Marathon, the Baltimore Half Marathon, and the Half Full Tri Relay are just a few...

I put all of my focus on getting in my long runs and resting my body as much as possible. This somehow worked and I pulled it off! I ran in my first full marathon and finished in 5:18:00.

Soon after, my beau and I went to New York City for a wonderful weekend and to support my best friend in the New York City Marathon. Then the storm hit...and we found ourselves cheering up a sad runner who couldn't run in the marathon due to cancellation. We made the most of it and made some memories.

After returning, we signed up for the Little Rock Half Marathon and have had a slow start to training. I wanted to just enjoy being in love and living day to day without a training schedule dictating my every move. Thankfully, the Little Rock Half has a generous window of time to complete the race so even if my significant other and I had to walk the whole thing hand in hand, we will finish.

But the biggest surprise of them all was the proposal that took place on Christmas Day! We are now planning a wedding for 2013 and I'm pretty sure that's going to take precedence over a race calendar. I've signed up for a summer duathlon to keep me on track with working out but that's about it. I'm looking forward to this new chapter in my life.

Here are a couple of photos of some things that best summarize the year.