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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Break is OVER!

I am back to blogging after a much needed break that gave me the time and energy to plan a wedding and get married! Well it is done! 

We are indeed married! 

For the readers who are actually interested in the wedding, here is a very quick photo recap. I love my photos... so I am so happy to share them.

Dress: Enzoani Gianna
Make Up: Sydni Harris of Gypsy Sol Make Up Artistry


 As newlyweds we have already ran in our first race together! On September 7th we ran in the Arlington 9-11 memorial 5k and it was a pretty amazing experience. 

He is totally into it! Watch out Usain.

It was a little more humid than we expected but it was a pretty flat course with one little hill right before the 3 mile mark. It was great running along units of fire and police officers. The entire experience was so motivating and really made us feel like we, as runners, were able to give back and say thank you in some way by participating. 

Team work at its finest

I signed up for the TCS Annapolis Half Marathon to get back to training and running more regularly and so far so good. I am on week #3 of training and all I can say is this is WAY easier than the craziness I took on last year (competing in about 8 races in one year...maybe more. I lost count). 

This will be half marathon #10!!! I am super excited... and in desperate need of a new medal rack, as you can see. It doesn't help that my husband keeps trying to add his medals to the rack too. 

We're gonna need a bigger rack.

Well, back to unpacking boxes and figuring out where all of his things and our new things will go... Newlywed life is good.